Just wanted to share some basic information that you might find helpful in making your travel plans.

1) The closes airport to Skibbereen is Cork Airport. Unfortunately there are no current direct flights from the USA to Cork Airport. That’s about to change for those in New England as Norwegian Air Airline (www.norwegian.com) is about to bring low cost transatlantic direct flights to Cork Airport from Steward Airport in Newburg New York and T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI. From what I have read they expect to start these routes in July of 2017 and should start booking flights in late February. If you choose to fly into Cork from the USA you will need to go thru London or other European cities with connecting flights back to Cork Airport. There are no flights from Dublin airport to Cork

2) There are lots of flights Direct into Dublin Airport with most arriving early in the morning from the US. There is an Express Bus service available on Air Coach (www.aircoach.ie) available right at the arrival terminal for a 157 mile, 3 hour ride to Cork City. Once you are in cork a Cab ride is available to Skibbereen (54 miles, 1 hr 20 min) for approximately 100 euro or there is public bus service thru Bus Eireann (www.Buseireann.ie). You could also rent a car in Cork and drive down to the reunion from there. There is also train service from Dublin to Cork (irishrail.ie).

3) I like the Irish Airline – Aer Lingus and they have deals with Jet Blue to connect you to their international flights – Have sales, so keep watch – www.aerlingus.com

4) There are sometimes options of flying into Dublin Airport and out of Shannon Airport, which is 113 miles, and a 3 hour direct drive from Skibbereen.

5) For those wanting to tour more of Ireland than just West Cork you might consider flying into Dublin and staying for 2 nights or more, then renting a car and then coming to Skibbereen for the reunion and after traveling up the West Coast to Dingle then Galway and Flying out of Shannon or returning to Dublin to fly out. The best source and deals on this type of trip are at Discovering Ireland (Discoveringireland.com) – they have Self driving packages which include a car rental (they have Deals with Hertz) with full insurance and B & B or hotel vouchers to suit your tastes. – Visit there site as it’s a great source of information.

6) I have had other friends who have flown into Dublin and then traveled direct from the Airport by air coach bus service to Galway for a few days - then renting a car in Galway for their Trip to West Cork and then back to Dublin for Departure.

7) Renting a Car – I’ve come to think of the car rental companies in Ireland more as companies that make their money off of charging for Insurance coverage. The normal automatic rental insurance provided by your credit card company is usually not available in Ireland, so you will want to check with your visa or master card provider to see if they do. The only one I know of is a “World Master Card” but not all do so check. It is challenging to drive in Ireland but fun and if you’re not a regular driver on the opposite side of the road – you will want insurance.

8) If you have any questions please feel free to contact me - Billy